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 Join us for a 2 hour marine excursion around Whale Island aka Moutohora Island which lies 7kms off the Whakatane shoreline. It is a geothermally active remnant of complex Marine Volcanos. Rich in geological and human history both Maori and European. It was once privately owned and almost barren and it is now a prestine wildlife sanctuary administered By the Department of Conservation and local Ngati Awa Maori.


The Island and it's surrounds are rich in rare and unique New Zealand wildlife including the living dinosaur lizard 'The Tuatara' Diveworks Charters - Whale Island Tours have had a close association with the Island for 25 years being the Department of Conservations preferred operator and servicing the Island. Diveworks is responsible for transporting 1000s, plants and endangered animals to the Island for re introduction. Our tours circumnavigate the Island. Enjoy nature without a rush.  We give extensive commentary on the colorful history, flora and fauna. Travelling to and from the island can offer opportunities to view Dolphins, Whales, Seals, penquins, gannets, schools of fish and much more life that is abundant in our waters.  

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Sample video of one of our trips Price $90.00 p.p. Local Phone 07 308 2001 or Free Phone 0800 flipper

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